вниз с крыши дома

вниз с крыши дома

пункт техосмотра автомобилей

The engine capacity of 74 kw: remove one of wires on a spark plug, unscrew a candle. Again connect to a candle a wire of a high voltage and put it on the engine block so that it had a reliable contact to the block. Even better, for conductivity maintenance to connect an auxiliary starting wire a cut part of a candle to the engine. Let your assistant will turn the engine a starter. If on candle electrodes slip powerful sparks pressure of ignition is, i.e. the ignition system works. But there can be wrong a basic adjustment of the distributor. The engine capacity of 92 kw: basically that way of actions as at the engine capacity of 74 kw, but it is necessary to check up (to be convinced that both coils) candles of 1st and 2nd cylinders work. Leave candles of 3rd and 4th cylinders established. The four-cylinder engine capacity of 110 kw: unscrew the ignition coil, unscrew a candle. The coil and candle again connect and fix on the engine so that the candle had a contact to weight, and engine movement could not shake it. It is reached, for example, as follows: a carving part of a candle connect to the engine, providing conductivity, by means of the plug of an auxiliary wire for its start. In the rest the same actions, as at the engine capacity of 74 kw if it is necessary, repeat the same on other cylinders. Six-cylinder engines: Basically the same way of actions as at the engine capacity of 74 kw, but it is necessary to check up (to be convinced that all three coils) candles 1, 2 and 3rd cylinders work. For all engines: if there is no spark repeat attempt with a candle of other cylinder. If still there are no sparks check up all system of ignition.

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