Крыши домов. Крыша на дом 10 на 10. Мансардная крыша дома своими руками.
мансардная крыша дома своими руками

мансардная крыша дома своими руками

Автомобили Ford

Here the cover of a head of the block of cylinders of the engine with working volume 1,8 l is dismantled. Arrows note position of fixing bolts. Too low indicators of pressure Indicators of equally low pressure of compression yet an occasion to anxiety; the admissions of measurements different for different devices can be the reason of low indicators. But if at gaugings on different cylinders the difference makes more than 3 bar, it is necessary to reflect. It can mean the following: Deterioration of pistons and piston rings; Piston rings densely sitting in flutes as consequence of pollution; Cylinders of not round form as consequence of jamming of pistons; Adjournment on cores of valves or saddles of valves at the expense of burning and greasing products; The burnt down valves. In most cases the reason of insufficient pressure of compression are not tight valves and, hence, the lowered capacity of the engine. Repair of a head of the block of cylinders can help only. Search of malfunctions For defect localisation at too low pressure of compression use reception: a manual butterdish drip a few engine oil in a nest of a spark plug and once again measure pressure of compression. If indicators and now below norm, valves are not perfectly in order. If indicators became above, business in piston rings and, maybe, in cylinders. The filled in oil for a short while has worked as a lining between the piston and cylinder walls so the compressed gas almost did not find an exit. The test for pressure loss (on tightness) More exact results are given by the test for tightness which some workshops can spend. If the checked chamber of combustion loses pressure it is shown on a tester scale. Larger place of leak can be defined listening: Шипенье in an exhaust pipe testifies to leaky closed final valve. Вытекание air from the case of the air filter testifies to defect of the inlet valve. At a defective lining of a head of the block of cylinders or a crack in a head of the block of cylinders the compressed air arrives through the next nest of a spark plug or from an open broad tank with a cooling liquid outside. The worn out walls of the cylinders, directing pistons or piston rings pass pressure in картер , and it leaves from opened маслозаливного a branch pipe or a tube for probeа measurements of level of oil.

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