Крыши домов. Крыша двухэтажного дома. Как утеплить крышу дома изнутри.
как утеплить крышу дома изнутри

как утеплить крышу дома изнутри

ниссан центра

Councils: to increase sliding of a carving of a spark plug, you can наскрести in coils of a few graphite from a soft simple pencil or grease them медесодержащей with greasing a little. Oil or greasing "will bake" a spark plug in a carving of a head of the block of cylinders. «The person of a spark plug» Spark plugs in certain degree are witnesses of process of combustion in the engine. On appearance of a top of a candle («the person of a candle») can be defined, how much optimum works the engine. It is preliminary necessary to warm up thoroughly the car on rural road or on a highway. Check after movement on short distance can lead to a wrong conclusion. Look at a top of an insulator with an average electrode and on lateral electrodes: Top of an insulator of light grey or brownish colour: correct installation of system of injection, the engine works economically. Strong adjournment: the reason can be in additives in engine oil, either in fuel, or in the raised expense of oil. Change oil or fuel mark. The adjournment of black colour similar to soot: at the expense of frequent movement on short distances the candle does not reach self-cleaning temperature, wrong калильное number. Top of an insulator of whitish colour: the ignition moment is too strongly shifted towards "advancing", electronic adjustment of the moment of ignition or a detonation sensor control does not work. The melted off sites on an average and lateral electrodes: накальное ignition as a result of a deposit in the combustion chamber, перегретые the valves, incorrectly established point of ignition, defective adjustment of a point of ignition or stagnation of heat as a result of insufficient cooling. Destruction of a top of an insulator, at an initial stage appreciable in the form of hair cracks: detonation combustion because of poor quality fuel, wrong installation of ignition, defective adjustment of a point of ignition, a defective sensor control of the detonation, insufficient cooling of the engine or pauperisation of a toplivno-air mix at the expense of collateral air. Yellowish brilliant layer on an insulator top: adjournment at the expense of additives in gasoline and engine oil which at sharp full loading have passed to the engine in a liquid state were formed and became electrowire and as consequence – faults in ignition. At trips on short distances week you should not subject the engine to full loading at once. Butter layer on electrodes and an internal surface of candles: defect of rings of the pistons, directing valves or linings of cores of valves. If in appearance of a spark plug any features are not appreciable, but the engine badly is started or twitches, nevertheless the reason can be in candles. During start of the cold engine invisible cracks in a ceramic insulator can be filled by a condensate of fuel which takes away an ignition spark. Under the pressure of a candle too can refuse, though in the dismantled condition it is visible, as the spark slips. In a doubtful case replace. Distance between electrodes The toplivno-air mix and the fulfilled gases promote corrosion of metal electrodes of spark plugs. And the high voltage at проскакивании sparks tears off from them the smallest particles of metal therefore the distance between electrodes of spark plugs in due course increases. In the presence of candles with three electrodes the ignition spark can "find" the shortest way.

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